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Prospect Series

 The Legacy Top Prospect Series 


Welcome to the Future of Baseball Talent Development.


Designed for Top 18u 16u players 

Dec 30- Jan 4th Knights Field, Castle Hill 

Are you ready to elevate your game to unprecedented heights? The Legacy Top Prospect Series is here to transform aspiring athletes into the future of Australian baseball stars. This six-day tournament, designed with the rigor and precision of MLB spring training, offers an unparalleled opportunity for the top 18u and 16u elite players in Australia. 

Why Choose Legacy Top Prospect Series?

Elite Competition

Five High-Stakes Games: Showcase your skills in a series of competitive games against the best young talents in the region. Every inning is an opportunity to shine and showcase your talent


Comprehensive Skill Development

MLB Spring Training Style Workouts: Train like the pros with intensive workouts designed to enhance your athletic performance. Our expert coaches will push you to your limits and beyond.

Individual MLB Scouting Assessments: Receive personalized feedback on your mechanics and overall gameplay. Understand your strengths and pinpoint areas for improvement with detailed evaluations from seasoned professionals.

Cutting-Edge Performance Analysis

Mechanics and Capacity Testing: Utilize the latest technology to analyze your mechanics and physical capabilities. Gain insights into your speed, power, and agility to fine-tune your training regimen.


Resilience and Mindset Training: Develop the mental toughness required to excel both on and off the field. Our resilience training programs will prepare you to face challenges head-on and emerge victorious.


Legacy Top Prospect Series: Where Talent Meets Opportunity.

The Legacy Experience

At Legacy, we believe in more than just developing great athletes—we strive to shape well-rounded individuals ready to succeed in all aspects of life. Our holistic approach ensures that you leave our program not just as a better player, but as a more resilient and determined individual.

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