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Legacy Tours

Get ready to elevate your game and ignite your passion for excellence as we venture into the heart of American baseball culture, armed with transformative experiences that transcend the ordinary. Led by Major Leaguer Trent Oeltjen, MLB Scout Tad Powers, along with our team of professional coaches, these tours are more than just a trip – They’re game-changer.

Embark on the Journey of a Lifetime with Team Legacy Australia USA Tour!


Cooperstown Tour NY (12u)

Cooperstown All Star Village Tour is a world-class Junior baseball event & tournament located just outside the birthplace of baseball: Cooperstown, New York!

Each USA summer, Legacy assembles the best 12u players in the country to compete against the best of best USA talent at the larger than life Cooperstown All Star Village.

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Immerse yourself in our unparalleled focus on mindset and performance, designed to empower young athletes to conquer challenges both on and off the field. Compete against top US talent in thrilling tournaments, witness the electrifying atmosphere of college sports, and experience the excitement of minor league and major league games.

Legacy Rising Stars USA Tour 

The Legacy Rising Stars USA Tour is designed to show you what's possible whilst seeing firsthand the magnitude of what's right around the corner with experiences on College Campus Tours, MiLB and MLB games. We’re confident you will undoubtedly shine amongst the best of the best USA and AUS talent. This squad is strictly invite only for the top 13u & 14u prospects

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This tour isn't just about playing baseball – it's about planting the seeds of greatness and takingyour game to new heights. Don't miss this opportunity to join Team Legacy Australia on a journeythat will inspire, motivate, and transform you into the athlete you were meant to be.

Showcase Tour

Team Legacy will be competing/showcasing against the best talent in the USA on the biggest platform in College/Pro recruiting perfect games WWBA National Showcase. From this event alone there has been over 7.161 College commitments, 2 MLB plays and 104 players drafted. The hand selected team will be mentored and showcased by form MLB player Trent Oeltjen and MLB Scout Tad Powers. 


Are you ready to write your legacy? Inquire now about how to earn your spot with Team Legacy Australia!

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